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ENTES Elektronik
“Since 1983, ENTES has become an internationally known manufacturer in the fields of energy management, power factor correction, protection&control, electrical measurement and monitoring.”

ENTES has achieved its dominant position as market leader through a policy of outstanding technical innovation, leading edge production techniques and strong pre-sales and after-sales service support. Over the last 30 years, ENTES has successfully introduced new measuring, monitoring and controlling concepts in the fields of energy management, power factor correction, protection&control, electrical measurement and monitoring. Todays network-enabled ENTES products and systems are developed using the latest design technologies.

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Exhibition Program
Hannover Messe
Hannover / Germany
Istanbul / TURKEY
Stuttgart / Germany
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New Products
  • PS-361 / 722 Power Supplies
    Wide supply voltage range (85-265V AC/ 110-350V DC)
  • MPR-34 / 34S Network Analyser
    72 x 72 x 70mm dimensions
  • MPR-4 Network Analyser
    MPR-4 can be easily used in remote monitoring and energy automation applications thanks to its digital inputs and outputs that are offered as modules.
  • SC-225 /250/325/250 Static Contactor
    Efficient compensation in systems with fast changing loads
  • DTR-20M Astronomical Time Relay
    By using the memory module (DTR Prog), you can transfer the finished programs of a device to other unprogrammed devices with ease.
ENTBUS allows you to monitor the gas, water, etc. but particularly the electric distribution networks; the energy infrastructures of factories and buildings by using the installed communicable measuring devices and connection points over the internet.
Technical Support
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Contact ENTES
A:Dudullu OSB,
1. cadde No:23 34776 Umraniye, Istanbul / TR.
P: +90 (216) 313 0110
F: +90 (216) 314 1615

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ENTES Elektronik Cihazlar Imalat ve Ticaret A.S.
Dudullu OSB, 1. cadde, No:23
34776 Umraniye, Istanbul / TR.
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